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TEAM TICKET: Got 4 or more in the same office? Bring 'em along! We've got you covered, with a ticket for your whole team, for only $1297. ($1000 savings!)

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  • Learn how to predictably get patients to say "YES" to lifetime care...We'll reveal the SECRET SAUCE in our million dollar formula to make next year your BEST ever!
  • Master Day 1 and Day 2 procedures that effortlessly help new patients get the "BIG IDEA" and to buy corrective care and wellness care plans with ease.  It's all about "preventive objection management".
  • Understand the science and psychology behind "Right Brain" conceptual based rapport building to get prospects to LOVE and TRUST you before they BUY from you.
  • Secrets to 95% re-sign into lifetime WELLNESS CARE plans...It's a simple 3-step process "Anniversary Report" that takes only 15 minutes to perform in a group setting.
  • How to set up, deliver and close all your patients and guests with the "World's #1 Doctor's Report"...and close $2500 - $4500 care plans, while getting ALL the guests and spouse checked for subluxations.
  • "Schedule To Goal". How to make minor changes in your practice dynamics to see more in the same or less time...without sacrificing time or care.
  • 2019 Social Media hacks with Facebook (LIVE, Newsfeed, Messenger Chatbot), Instagram, Video, Youtube, Email Autoresponders and More.
  • How to get video happy and drive tons of traffic into your practice by "Dominating The Conversation" in social media on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and ClickFunnels.
  • Postural Structural Correction technique with Dr. Mike Henriksen and how to get predictable corrective changes.  6 Hours Of training on Friday am from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • ChiroFunnel Secret Mastery - The NEW Rave and we have it!  Learn how we quickly make funnels that will drive TRAFFIC into your practice...Based on the genius of Russell Brunson.
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